At Medsoft, we have collected a sample of testimonials from our current customers happily using HybridChart:

“Medsoft and HybridChart have allowed us to save hundreds of dollars as we were able to capture charges we previously missed. It has also made the transition between on-call doctors much more efficient.” – Laura Luna, Digestive Health Center of Arizona

“HybridChart made it easy for our Physicians to capture the billing of each evaluation, management and procedure they performed on our patients as well as turning it into their office in a timely fashion. It also gives them an up-to-date patient census when conducting rounds at the hospital. It was extremely easy for our doctors and in-house staff to learn and use.” – Monica K. Guerrero, Southwest Heart & Lung, P.C.

Increase Revenue:

“With HybridChart, we were able to capture all hospital charges. We’ve seen a 10% increase in billing.”

Reduce Costs:

“Our office has been able to reduce our staff by 2 FTE’s, translating to more than $62K in savings per year”

“We’ve reduced letterhead and envelopes by 33%”

“Our postage costs are down by 85.3%”

Improve Efficiency:

“We eliminated the need for our staff to complete daily hospital rounding sheets”

“Our physicians are able to access hospital patients easily.”

“No need to waste time tracking down the on-call physician from the night before.”

“Having documentation in an electronic format has cut hours of wasted time tracking down paper charts.”

“Our staff no longer needs to make labels, stuff envelopes or stamp and mail correspondence.”

“Everything is faxed automatically from HybridChart when the physician submits his electronic signature.”