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“Please turn in your billing sheets!”

How often have you said this? Medical Billers are highly trained professionals who are most effective when they have real-time, legible charges to work with. We all know that if the charges come in correctly at the onset, the chances of denials go down. Manual key entry is another potential source of error. It also slows down the whole process. HybridChart EVOLVE gives the providers a convenient tool to enter charges real time. Medical Billers breathe a sigh of relief as charge data flows seamlessly into the billing software. Doctors can even take pictures of facesheets for you to easily view. Our intuitive workflow gives billers the option to work tickets, scrub charges, and push them into your practice management system. Full transparency and clean visibility allows you to go back to doing what you were hired to do. This solution gives teams of billers the ability to collaborate and assign workflows within the department. Give it a try. You’ll be glad you did.

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