Having a centralized, cloud-based census allows practices to organize across multiple facilities. It is also imperative that anyone in the practice – from schedulers to front-office staff to providers – have the ability to update the census in real time. Your census is organized into hospitals, with the ability to view and edit location. Assign responsible providers with ease. No more faxing lists back and forth.

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  • Custom census lists can be created track patients in a way that makes sense for your providers. For example, one hospital can have several lists for different areas, like the ICU or outpatient procedures.
  • The QuickEdit feature allows for rapid, batch updates of patient information.
  • Multiple free text fields allow for tracking of patient information and facilitate handoffs and call transfer.
  • Patients can be added quickly and easily by providers or their support staff. This process can be augmented with an outpatient EHR interface, and a hospital ADT feed allows for automatic placement of patients on the census.
  • Custom Flags and icons alert providers and support staff of pertinent information such as ICU status or high-risk patients at-a-glance right from the patient list.
  • All updates occur in real time, allowing for real-time collaboration.
  • Assign multiple providers to a patient if appropriate, including primary & secondary rounders, residents, and advanced practice providers.

Assign Providers

With HybridChart you have the power to assign patients to multiple providers. This includes the primary rounder, a secondary rounder, nurse-practitioner or physician-assistant, and the responsible provider in the office. With this much visibility, it is easy to keep track of your hospitalized patients and distribute responsibilities accordingly.

Easy Editing

Update patient demographics, location and provider assignments with minimal clicks. You can update one at a time or batch processing to save you time. Using our QuickEdit feature, you can update an entire census in a matter of minutes. We understand the limitations on provider time, and that is why we make it really easy.

Robust Data

We understand the need to have certain data at your fingertips. With HybridChart you can select from many fields you wish to use. Whether it is a brief sign-out history, To-Do Lists, Referring Physicians or Code Status. Choose from dozens of clinically-applicable data points. It is imperative that everyone in the practice has the ability to update the census in real time. HybridChart is the ultimate collaboration software, giving everyone on your team complete visibility for optimal workflow management.

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