Centralized Hub

The practice of medicine has become more complicated and convoluted over the years. So, when you have an intuitive solution that really understands you and your workflow, you want to use it as much as possible. The HybridChart experience is just that. This software unifies your practice and eliminates those process gaps that you thought would never get solved.

When doctors think medical software, they immediately assume it means more work for them. More data entry. More clicking and tapping. Our intuitive interface and customized workflows result in less clerical work for doctors – not more. Lines of communication throughout the entire practice open up and instantly you are transformed into a modern, optimized organization. 

Connectivity to office EHR, along with feeds from hospitals, mean that information flows freely through this centralized hub, making your job infinitely easier. Real-time automation further facilitates this streamlined workflow, making steps in the process happen automatically based upon user behavior, instead of relying on manual data entry.

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