HybridChart brings hospital rounding and charge capture to the digital world for healthcare because our mission is to make your life easier. To ensure we deliver on our mission, we’ve partnered with the below EHR systems and integrated with other partners to make your day-to-day tasks a breeze. These comprehensive integrations will allow you to seamlessly integrate your charge capture process with your existing tools and workflow to achieve maximum efficiency. 
When it comes to healthcare, quality patient care should always be priority. Our integrations save you time and headaches so you can focus on what really matters to you – your patients.


EHR/Practice Management Solutions



HybridChart has a bi-directional integration with athenahealth. athenahealth is the leading provider of cloud-based electronic health records (EHR), practice management, patient engagement and population health services for medical groups and health systems. Connecting more than 72,000 providers and health systems nationwide, athenahealth is on a mission to help deliver better care for all.

Typically, a workflow requires capturing charges on paper, finding or creating a patient chart in a billing system, and manually entering those charges. HybridChart integrates this process into athenaCollector and athenaClinicals® to achieve two efficiencies:

  • Patient information is verified at the point of care, eliminating dual entries and duplicate records. Patient records in the athenaClinicals EHR can be viewed in HybridChart and new patients can be added from HybridChart
  • Captured charges are transmitted to the athenaCollector medical billing service, creating a charge that can be processed or placed on hold for further review

HybridChart has developed a deep integration with GE’s Centricity to offer an inclusive integration positively impacting patient care while saving time, improving revenue and increasing profitability for hospital rounding physicians.

The integration includes a patient search feature allowing physicians to search for a patient within HybridChart, while instantaneously searching Centricity’s database and mirroring their patient search results. One click then admits the patient into HybridChart. Once a patient is added, the provider has instant and real-time access to clinically useful data found in the patient’s Centricity health record. The billing functions are also seamlessly integrated whereby charges flow directly into Centricity, eliminating duplicating efforts and potential human error.


Improving health is at the heart of Greenway Health’s work. They connect providers to the right information and insights, at the right place and time, so they can make patient-driven care a reality while navigating the ever-changing healthcare system.

All of Greenway Health’s solutions and services are designed to meet their companywide goals of serving physicians, connecting the industry and empowering better care. Prime Suite, Greenway Health’s integrated EHR and practice management (PM) system, combines powerful clinical, financial and analytics technology with customizable features so providers and administrators can document encounters, bill and report the way that works best for them.


Kareo’s mission is to free doctor’s hands for the important work of patient care.

You take care of everyone: patients, staff, doctors, and insurance companies. Kareo makes it all easier. Paperwork piles up, and outdated EHR’s are no help. Kareo Clinical, their EHR, is intuitive and easy to use. Get the smartest clinical tools plus cloud-based patient records and mobile-first design. Everything you need, connected and at your fingertips.

Medical Billing Solutions

matrix medical billing

Matrix Medical Billing is a medical billing service that provides medical billing, aging/collections and medical coding solutions to medical practices all over the United States. Matrix Medical Billers have been certified and trained on HybridChart’s robust charge capture platform to be able to process charges from HybridChart. They are ready to assist you will your medical billing needs.


SVMB desires to lead the medical billing industry through innovation and reliability for healthcare professionals worldwide.

Statistically medical billing outsourcing improves your cash flow and collections and reduces the costs and headaches of Managing a medical billing department. SVMB provides billing, scheduling, practice management and financial management services often at a cost typically less than cost incurred by the medical provider.

  • Save on the high cost of equipment and software as rapidly changing technology translates into extra expenses
  • Eliminate training costs
  • Focus on patient care instead of billing


Physician Scheduling Solutions


AMiON serves hospitals and group practices with powerful on-call scheduling tools and secure texting. Over 200,000 providers trust their schedules to AMiON at www.amion.com. HybridChart, for hospital rounding and charge capture, has partnered with AMiON, for physician scheduling and hospital-wide communication, to offer physicians a secure, virtual office to manage patient censuses across multiple hospitals.

Virtual Answering Services

Imagine managing all of your practice communications from a single app. That’s BeckonCall. Take control of all your practice communications. Stay connected with your team, hospital staff and patients — wherever you are.

BeckonCall’s intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling tools make building on-call schedules as easy as sending a party invite. The schedules you build create intelligent routing for all communications between patients, nurses and providers so that the right messages go to the right recipients at the right time, along with built-in escalation protocols to ensure no messages go unanswered. Rest assured knowing you’ll never miss an important call again, and that you won’t be bothered when you’re not on duty.

Coming Soon…

Medical Memory improves and protects doctor and patient communication by providing a simple video recording system that captures valuable medical information exchanged between physicians and their patients.

Medical Memory has simply adapted to the societal shift in mobile device use. We want to make patients’ and physicians’ lives easier by providing reliable and accessible information through the devices they use everyday. Healthcare is a human business and Medical Memory provides support and clarity to patients navigating complex health issues.


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