Scheduler Features

EVOLVE - Coming May 2018

HybridChart has always been user-friendly to Schedulers.

EVOLVE takes this to the next level.

Improved navigation and ease of use is the first thing Schedulers and Data-Miners will notice.
Workflows have been streamlined and in some cases redesigned for maximum efficiency.
The Dashboard has been upgraded to help you work at lightning speed.

Oh yeah, and we have added NOTES for efficient account management.

New Features in EVOLVE

Your Workflow Just Got More Powerful

Improved Data-Mining

We’ll be enhancing the Data-Mining section in two big ways.

First, we’ll be adding more choices to the options available for pre-configured reports.

Second, we’ll be allowing you to build your own reports, so that you can get the information that’s most pertinent to you.


Pathways is a new feature that makes gathering smart data streamlined and efficient. Once you set up a Pathway, the system will use augmented intelligence technology to start gathering data for you. This saves Providers time and allows for consistent data collection. For example, if your practice is running a Heart Failure Clinic, certain ICD-10 and CPT codes can trigger Metrics that alert your staff that the patient should be enrolled. You can start using this actionable data right away to identify high risk patients and reduce readmission rates.

Improved Navigation and Ease-Of-Use

One of the biggest changes in EVOLVE is improvement in navigation. We’ve made it much simpler to navigate the site. In some areas, we’ve dramatically reduced the number of clicks to accomplish a task.

If you’re already using the HybridChart app, you’ll see that the look and feel is now much more consistent.

Discharge Management Dashboard

Effective Discharge planning is one of the key features of HybridChart, and EVOLVE improves that process significantly by offering a dedicated Discharge screen that allows you to better track and manage patients who’ve been discharged and need follow up.


In EVOLVE, you’ll be able to create custom forms to gather any sort of data you’d like. This allows your Practice to move some outlying paper processes to HybridChart.

Here are some ideas for Forms that our clients are already excited about:

Identifying potential Research patients in the hospital setting, tracking endoscopy findings so that they are easy to see pre-procedure, and tracking completion of anesthesia tasks during procedures.

What are you still collecting on paper?


You asked for it, and we listened! In EVOLVE, the Billing and Discharge areas will have places for notes.

What's New in EVOLVE?

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Pathways and Forms are here.
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Complete redesign with Notes and One-Click Charge Management.
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Discharge planning is even easier.
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Expanded Data-Mining capabilities and reporting.
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