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Discharge Planning to Reduce Readmission Rates

Many factors drive the need for efficient and effective hospital discharge planning and management, not the least of which is patient care. While much of the burden for safely sending a patient home, or to long-term care, after their hospital stay falls on the discharge staff at the hospital, you as a provider need a way to ensure proper follow-up is scheduled in your office. You may also want to ensure the patient’s disposition is known and reportable. As healthcare laws evolve, it becomes increasingly important to ensure you are effectively managing the discharge process to ensure your hospital readmission rates are low.

HybridChart has an easy, flexible workflow already designed with the patient’s follow-up care in mind. Our system allows you to identify high risk patients and can be customized to automatically add specific protocols and processes for following up on these patients so you have the peace of mind that all steps are taken care of appropriately.

This feature has helped HybridChart customers significantly reduce their readmission rates. One customer was able to reduce hospital readmission rates to 1/3 that of the national average!

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