How It Works - Population Health

Health Information Management

As an HIM professional you are focused on patient security and privacy, revenue cycle, and EHR administration. Whether you work for a healthcare facility, practice, insurance company or government agency, you recognize the limitations of medical software. Large solutions such as hospital EHRs serve their role, but they do not always address the workflow needs of providers. It is also harder for these products to pivot and incorporate configurations needed to improve efficiencies.

At some point, most HIM professionals look to outsource functionality. HybridChart is your perfect partner. Cloud-based and a SAAS model mean no hardware or infrastructure for you to maintain. Our deep commitment to the highest standards of patient privacy means that we are a reliable extension of your strict security processes. Our interoperability solutions are lightweight and easy to maintain. No lengthy integration projects required, which would only slow down your already busy development roadmap. Our team is very hands-on and knowledgeable, and offer Tier 1 through 3 support. This translates to less work for you and your team.

The HybridChart EVOLVE solution serves as a layer on top of your EHR and enterprise practice management stack. We can easily interface with existing systems and give your providers a consistent and customizable user experience. We are definitely a different kind of company. We are a collaboration tool user-friendly to medical professionals. But we are also a customer service company, with a passion for interoperability.

Welcome to HybridChart.