HybridChart will quickly become an essential part of your practice. A highly-customizable, cloud-based solution, HybridChart will adapt to your workflow and make your productivity skyrocket.

HybridChart allows you and your team to collaborate on your hospitalized patients. It will unite your doctors with your office staff, streamline your charge capture process, and address the entire workflow from secure messaging to discharge management. This intuitive software solution will assist you in collecting tons of data critical to running your business – data that can also be used for value-based care.

What do modern medical and surgical practices need? Processes that save them time and save them money. They need solutions that are easy to implement, and will have full adoption amongst doctors and staff. This is the HybridChart Solution.

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HybridChart Saves You Money

The most tangible return on your investment will be from increased revenue. This comes directly from lack of missed charges. Whether it was forgetting to bill entirely, forgetting to hand in paper slips, or human error within the Billing Department – your new process will eliminate these gaps. And with our layers of safeguards against missed charges, you can submit appropriate bills for all of your services.

Aside from the revenues gained by recouping lost billings, HybridChart will allow you to see real cost savings that will hit your bottom line. By automating many of the features currently done manually such as billing and patient management, a practice’s administrative staff can focus on other tasks and/or have their roles expanded as your office continues to grow. Thanks to HybridChart, additional staff will not need to be brought on to handle your growth as HybridChart can handle these tasks, no matter the size of your practice. It’s about scale without the associated overhead. Additionally, there is no need to spend on cobbling together a smattering of different software applications that aren’t developed to work in concert when you can do most of these with one simple application in HybridChart. Those dollars can now be earmarked to hire other personnel positions like more physicians, or even a larger office space.

Getting patients from the hospital to your office doesn’t sound like much. However the number of patients lost to follow-up after discharge is staggering. This is lost revenue for your entire practice. New patients not only expand your practice for years to come, but also are a source of referrals. The HybridChart Advantage means that you can arrange disposition and follow-up for patients BEFORE they leave the hospital. A proactive approach is not only better patient care, but also reduces lost-to-follow-up rates.

Why spend more money on numerous applications just to piecemeal together a solution? Everything comes bundled with HybridChart. Secure messaging, data collection, and reporting. All of these features are built into the product and included in the monthly rate. We also integrate with your EHR, call schedule apps, virtual answering services and telemedicine platforms. With HybridChart, you get it all.

HybridChart Saves You Time

Using our cloud-based census you can collaborate with your staff and partners with ease. No need for awkward systems of exchanging patient lists. No need for faxes, emails, and lengthy phone calls. Faster sign-outs means more time for you. Providers can use the extra time to spend with their families, hobbies, or sleep. More time means better quality of life for busy medical professionals.

Filling out billing cards with your charges can take much longer than people think. Remembering patient diagnoses, and what you did, all take time. Furthermore, in today’s era, you may spend quite a bit of precious time looking up ICD-10 codes. And then there is the dreaded task of depositing these billing slips in a bucket or slot so that your billing staff can process them. Billers gain time by not needing to re-enter data, since HybridChart pushes all of your charges directly into your practice management system.

HybridChart’s unique QuickBill and QuickEdit features allow you to batch process and save time. QuickBill gives you the ability to bill multiple patients at once. Didn’t think you could bill for 30 patients in 60 seconds? Think again. And with QuickEdit, you can update locations and narratives on one screen with ease.

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