How It Works - We are different

How We Are Different

We are a different product. We are a different company.

Our solution was designed from the ground up by a practicing physician. Living and breathing the solution in the real world has led to the most user-friendly and intuitive medical software you have ever experienced. The nuances of the medical workflow have been taken into account. Subtle considerations transform the user experience, and the result is software which actually speeds you up. The premise is that every practice, every provider, has a different approach to in-patient rounding and care. The solution adapts to any specialty and practice setting. Even within a given practice, practitioners can adopt different workflow styles to meet their needs. No more “one size fits all”. The software will adapt to you.

We are definitely a different kind of company. At our core, we are a customer service company, dedicated to your success. We answer the phone and provide support as the medical industry deserves. We also understand the burden of training on practices. We too have endured hours of mandated training and dreaded every minute of it. Our intuitive software is easy to master, but training is always helpful. We offer an Interactive Virtual Training platform where users can complete short modules on their own time. Administrators can monitor progress and users can be assigned specific modules to their role in the practice. An extensive resource library is available, and we even have a Help Bar, a tool embedded in every screen which provides help for the specific screen you are on.

Medical Practices need intuitive software solutions which understand their unique needs. Training needs to be easy. Customer Service needs to be responsive and attentive.

We agree. Welcome to HybridChart.