HybridChart has many tangible and intangible benefits that allow everyone in a practice – from the physicians, billing managers and administrators – to focus more on their daily tasks instead of cumbersome paperwork. By using HybridChart, your practice can take advantage of these key features:

Customized Rounding List

HybridChart allows physicians to maintain and customize a rounding list of all admitted patients. These can be sorted by individual hospital or rounding locations and can even be printed or updated from any wireless location at the hospital, on an iPad or at the medical office. HybridChart supports both doctors that prefer to work electronically, as well as those that are more comfortable with a pen and paper as they round.

Easy Sign-out

HybridChart doesn’t just save time during rounding or follow-up billing; it helps close an important communication gap that can hamper even the most detail-oriented physician. Communication between doctors who are signing in and out for rounds can be hampered because of time constraints or even different work styles.

Because HybridChart allows for a detailed narrative and ongoing communication between rounding physicians, all interested parties stay informed, ultimately providing better overall care for patients. This ability to easily share key information also ensures patients receive the highest level of care as providers can solely focus on patient diagnoses and treatment.

Patient Alerts

In the past, physicians may or may not have known if one of their patients was returning or being readmitted to a hospital. If they did know, often it was long after services had been performed or procedures recommended by an on-call colleague. Instead of having the benefit of the original physician’s experience with the patient, the on-call physician had to rely solely on his or her newly made observations.

HybridChart alerts each physician that has been involved with the patient if they are admitted, requested a consult, or received any follow-up medical care. That way, regardless if a physician is on call or not, they can share a patient’s vital information with others to create a full, complete medical and diagnostic overview.

Pre-loaded Diagnoses + Correct Coding = Easy Billing

Perhaps HybridChart’s most valuable feature revolves around the pre-loaded diagnoses, coding and billing processes. HybridChart increases billing efficiencies by quickly capturing missed charges and ensuring physicians turn in their entire patient services each day.

Additionally, HybridChart allows doctors to assign diagnoses quickly that are customized for an individual practice and any specialty by having them pre-loaded during the build stage. Correct ICD codes that are automatically converted can also be integrated to further speed-up the billing process and ensure accuracy on all services performed. At this point, HybridChart acts as the bridge between physician’s current Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems and their billing teams.