HybridChart is the leading Hospital Rounding Software solution, ideal for any medical practitioner looking to improve rounding efficiencies and overall revenue by never missing a billing opportunity.

Developed By A Physician, For Physicians

HybridChart was developed by Gregory P. Sanders, M.D. FACC – a practicing, Harvard-trained, board-certified cardiologist. Frustrated by the inefficiencies and errors seen in his own manual rounding efforts, Dr. Sanders developed HybridChart as a real-world solution and an alternative to other products developed by programmers not fully aware of a practicing medical professional’s needs.

Ease Of Use

HybridChart was designed by a physician who rounds across different hospitals each day. As a result, our Hospital Rounding Software mimics what you already do during your rounds. This means you don’t need to change the way you currently round. HybridChart is simply there to make the process easier by being an intuitive and efficient technological tool.

Seamless Integration

You don’t need to adapt to HybridChart, it adapts to you. Our product seamlessly integrates itself into your hospital rounding efforts and billing methodologies.

Additionally, HybridChart works perfectly with your current Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software, assuming you use an HL7 compliant product.

You can customize billing tabs and even pre-load your often-used diagnoses for ease of use.


At its core, technology is designed to make our lives easier and HybridChart is no different. Once you begin using HybridChart, you will immediately notice how intuitive this Hospital Rounding Software really is. HybridChart will:

  • Make your rounding efforts easier
  • Integrate seamlessly with your billing and EMR products
  • Have customized billing tabs
  • Utilize pre-loaded diagnoses
  • Increase revenues by not allowing you to miss billing indicators

Increased Revenues

All physicians who round know there are many complexities at play that can ultimately cause billings to slip through the cracks. HybridChart Hospital Rounding Software is not only an intuitive piece of software, but it acts as a virtual assistant, helping you bill as you go, making sure no CPT codes go unmarked. As a result, you are likely to see increased revenues by being more efficient and not missing any billings that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Today, HybridChart is being used by many healthcare professionals throughout the nation who find it easy to use and trust the product to properly capture all aspects during their rounding efforts.

Quick Set Up

When you’re ready, we’re ready. Despite offering a full range of customized features unique to your practice needs, we can have your version of HybridChart installed and ready for use within 2 weeks.

From there, we typically see a 1 week period where we offer in-office training sessions and can make any additional feature overlays as you begin to use the product.

Best of all, none of this disrupts your daily operations.

No Contract

Among all the great aspects of HybridChart, perhaps the icing on the cake is that there is no long-term obligation. We’re so confident of our product and know that it will become an integral part of your practice, we do not require you to sign any contract. Your HybridChart usage runs month to month, meaning you are free to cancel at any time.


Depending on the unique needs of your practice, the cost to begin using HybridChart is either $0 or a minimum start-up cost based on the level of customization requested.

From there, your no-contract fee agreement is based on the number of total users per month.

To learn more about HybridChart, Contact Us today.