HybridChart is the ideal Hospital Rounding Software solution for Doctors, Billing Manager, Administrators and IT Professionals.


The genius of HybridChart is that doctors who currently round do not need to change their current behaviors when using this Hospital Rounding Software.

HybridChartwas designed by a doctor who understands first hand what occurs and what is needed during rounding. These basic doctor needs were the foundation of the product build, but from there, HybridChart embraces the nuances of your practice. Medsoft assesses your specific processes and creates your own version of HybridChart unique to your practice needs and behavioral preferences.

Doctors who use HybridChartcan return their focus to patient care and not be burdened by the administrative side of their practice.

“The most significant value of HybridChart to a physician is the ability to centralize data and improve effective communication amongst physicians and support staff.” – Dr. Gregory P. Sanders, M.D. FACC, Inventor of HybridChart

Billing Managers

HybridChart simply makes the billing process easier. HybridChart allows information to be exchanged seamlessly between physicians and the billing department. Late, lost or any other billing discrepancies no longer need to be tracked down thanks to the product’s integration

Because HybridChart was designed by Dr. Gregory Sanders, who consulted his own billing team during the product’s initial design, the product inherently keeps the administration process running smoothly.

HybridChart keeps doctors on track with their daily billings so you can quickly catch missed charged and other billing issues. The product provides remote access and a robust troubleshooting module so you can quickly assess and remedy any issues that arise.

“Billing managers now have easy access to legible and complete billing information submitted by physicians. There is also accountability built into the system, which makes sure billing staff are being efficient and accurate. Since the software is so intuitive, the amount of time devoted to training is quite minimal.” – Dr. Gregory P. Sanders, M.D. FACC, Inventor of HybridChart

Administrators and IT

HybridChart can be customized to your current IT infrastructure and even your existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system, if you use an HL7 compliant product.

HybridChart is aimed at making your job easier by creating solutions instead of the fear of the headache typically experienced when attempting to integrate new technology.

Medsoft works with you in implementing HybridChart. We assess your organization, current rounding process and technology requirements, then we modify our Hospital Rounding Software to your specific needs. From there, we provide ongoing support and training until you are fully satisfied.

You can take comfort in knowing that many other administrator and IT professionals have successfully implemented HybridChart into their current medical practices.

“Implementation of HybridChart usually leads to 10% improvement in total revenue, based mainly on capturing previously missed charges. The financial gain from improved efficiency and streamlining of the process is immeasurable.” – Dr. Gregory P. Sanders, M.D. FACC, Inventor of HybridChart