Integrations Reimagined

We’ve all heard people declare “Healthcare is broken!” or, “Healthcare IT is decades behind the business world!” True statements but a bit vague. Lack of interoperability, or the ability for medical systems to exchange information, this is more specifically how healthcare is broken, so how do we fix it?

Medical Silos

Typically, when we talk about integrations in the medical world, people let out a soft groan. Most medical software systems are not interested in exchanging data. The ones that are willing to entertain the notion make the process EXPENSIVE and TIME-CONSUMING. The result? Medical systems standing alone, loosely connected at best. Who suffers? The medical practices trying to get through the day and take care of patients.

Breaking Down The Walls

At HybridChart, we approach interoperability with a modern approach. We have built interfaces that are TURN-KEY. What does that mean? Well, they are easy to switch on, they are reasonably priced, and they do not require project managers or development teams. Quickly integrate HybridChart EVOLVE with the rest of your world.

Let the Data Flow

From hospital ADT feeds to interfacing with your office EHR, our goal is to effortlessly connect your workflow, and then watch efficiency skyrocket. Let’s minimize data entry on the part of providers and billers, letting you focus on patient care. Healthcare is not broken when you use HybridChart.

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Here’s what our customers have to say…

“HybridChart helped us save hours of work and recover $30,000 in missed hospital charges in one month’s time.”

Sean M., Cardiac Solutions

“We love HybridChart and the great openness you have to formulating a product that truly works for your customers! Thanks for your time and effort!”

Jennifer M., Montgomery Cardiovascular Associates

“Our main struggle before HybridChart was keeping track of our productivity. Now we capture every single charge for every single hospital visit.”

Omar G., Arizona Infectious Disease

HybridChart changed our world. We are now organized and productive. You have been very responsive to our needs and helped us create custom workflows for our busy surgeons.”

Marcel G., Norton Thoracic Institute

“We have been so impressed with the customer service at HybridChart. The product is easy to use and our doctors pick it up very quickly.”

Yocasta O., South Miami Heart Specialists

 “HybridChart’s discharge planning tool provides assurance. We never allow a patient to fall through the cracks. Once a provider discharges a patient on the app, the patient is flagged, and our scheduler can arrange a follow-up appointment—most times before the patient even leaves the hospital! ”

Vicki F., Arizona Pulmonary Specialists

“You have very quickly become integral to the daily workflow, even fabric, of our operations.”

Mustali D., HeartSafe

“We have been using HybridChart for years and this app has kept a tight lid on our rounding charges. We now have seamless handoffs, census lists that have greatly improved our workflow, and patient  follow up appointments are made before our patients even leave the hospital.”

Kenneth A., Southwest Heart and Lung

“We really, really enjoy HybridChart! Its made a huge difference already in our practice, our efficiency, and our work life balance. It’s so easy to use. I also appreciate how open you have been with implementing some of our recommendations which have been hugely helpful as well.” 

Ronald T., Georgia Infectious Diseases, PC

“HybridChart is very receptive to working with us on developing new workflow aimed at improving efficiencies and have even modified their platform to accommodate our needs.”

Jason A., Penn State Health

“I love the app functionality. Makes my life so easy with billing.”

Lindsay M., Georgia Infectious Diseases, PC

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