The Story of HybridChart as told by Gregory P. Sanders, MD, FACC


HybridChart was founded by Gregory P. Sanders, MD FACC, a practicing, Harvard-trained, board-certified cardiologist with Arizona Cardiology Group.

“I guess you never really know where a software product begins. The spark that starts it.

I was always involved in computer programming, dating back to when I was 13 years old and my father brought home an Apple IIe. I taught myself computer science and coding and I took that with me into the healthcare space throughout my entire medical career. When I was in Boston in Residency and Fellowship, I started to see the first real opportunities for improving processes. I would look at a particular problem and use my computer skills to automate the workflow and solve the problem.

I moved to Arizona in 2002 and joined a Cardiology private practice. It became apparent that there were massive gaps in the rounding process. I saw an opportunity to create software which would facilitate census management and charge capture. ( continued… )


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We were rounding at hospitals with these large sheets of paper to capture diagnoses and charges. They took forever to complete and I often would struggle to remember patient diagnoses or the procedures I performed. I would also have painfully long conversations with partners trying to sign-out the census when coverage would change. This was time I could be spending with my family.

So I built HybridChart. But my partners said “No thanks. We’re good with our current system.”

One day, we were painting our billing office and we pulled out all of the desks. Behind one particular desk was hundreds of pieces of paper. They were our billing sheets. At the end of the day, she wanted to go home and have a clean desk. So she would dispose of the billing sheets behind her desk which weren’t processed. We found several hundred thousand dollars worth of billing behind that desk, spanning about a two-year period.

We all stood there horrified and my partner turned to me and asked if this could ever happen had we used the software I had built. The very next day HybridChart was fully adopted at Arizona Cardiology.

Since then we have proudly grown into a mobile-friendly, HIPAA compliant, regularly-evolving comprehensive rounding platform. Our software integrates seamlessly with various EHRs and other ancillary services. We help practices increase their revenue, streamline their discharge process to improve readmission rates, and improve the quality of life of medical professionals.”

– Gregory Sanders, MD FACC

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