The HybridChart Story



The Story & History of Hybrid Chart as told by Gregory P. Sanders


HybridChart was founded by Gregory P. Sanders, MD FACC, a practicing, Harvard-trained, board-certified cardiologist with Arizona Cardiology Group. Watch the video above to hear his story.

“I guess you never really know where a software product begins. The spark that starts it. We wanted to share the HybridChart story and a little history with you… 

I was always involved in computer programming, dating back to when I was 13 years old and my father brought home an Apple 2D. I taught myself computer science and coding and I took that with me into the healthcare space throughout my entire medical career. When I was in Boston and at Harvard I started to see the first real opportunities for improving processes, and I became fascinated with this, I would look at a particular problem and use my computer skills to automate the process and solve the problem. 

I saw the connection between process flaws and, not how computers could help rewrite these processes necessarily, but how they could really facilitate the process.I saw errors where people digitized everything – eliminating old problems, but creating new ones for healthcare practices too.

The solution I identified was to incorporate digital in most of the process to streamline it so that it is much more efficient for the person (or people) involved.

I moved to Arizona in 2002 and joined a large Cardiology practice. I brought with me my passion to help improve the processes within a healthcare practice.

I quickly realized where my first opportunity to improve a process would be. We were rounding at hospitals with these little sheets of paper to take all of our notes. It took forever to complete these little charge capture sheets, and I often would struggle to remember what the patient had or the procedures I completed. I’d have painfully long conversations with partners trying to sign out our patients on a Friday afternoon, when I really just wanted to be with my family.

One day, we were moving our billing office and we pulled out a desk of one of our employees and behind the desk fell hundreds of pieces of paper. Turns out, these billing sheets from hospital rounding were being thrown behind the billing desk. We found several hundred thousand dollars worth of billing behind that desk, spanning about a two-year time span.

We all stood there horrified and then it dawned on me not only do we need a more efficient day to day process, we also had no system for permanently tracking what we do and having it for indefinite reference after that.=

My first thought for a solution was to centralize all of our hospital censuses into a central database, and access it through a web portal. Identify the billing and diagnoses codes and get them consistently in our portal so that we could successfully capture all charges.

So, that’s how Hybrid Chart started.

Our focus has been exclusively on charge capture and billing, with a customized approach specific to hospital rounding.

From there, we’ve grown this into a mobile-friendly, HIPAA compliant, regularly-evolving comprehensive charge capture software that integrates seamlessly with various EHR and helps specialty practices increase their revenue, streamline their discharge process to improve readmission rates, and eliminate the headache of having all of their information in different places.”

– Gregory Sanders, MD FACC


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We continuously improve the healthcare process for providers in order to achieve operational excellence, expedite the revenue cycle and generate smart data to improve patient outcomes.

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