Meet Our Partners


Telemedicine Solution

iTel’s focus is on enhancing patient care by offering Providers simple solutions to connect with their patients. Mobile health care options are a way of the future and they are already introducing them. Patients no longer need to drive across town, or take much time out of their day in order to speak with their doctors. Instead of seeing an unknown doctor online, their telehealth system is easy to integrate into everyday medical practices so that patients can get the same care, from the same Provider, both virtually and in-house. iTel does not intend for telehealth to replace how Providers practice medicine, but provide simple solutions that improve the access of care for patients and improve the workflow of providers.


Revenue Cycle Management

revMD’s advantage is the unique services they provide, their niche specialization in medical practice coding, billing, and collections, and their passion for collecting every dollar you deserve. Both practice-based and hospital-based physician groups benefit not only from medical coding, billing, and collections, but also the cloud-based technology and network support that integrate them seamlessly.

Passion For Patients

Healthcare Consulting

Through the Passion for Patients™ consulting program, CEO Gina Ore teaches healthcare professionals more effective ways to engage and communicate with staff and patients so they can increase their profit margins, recruit and retain the best and most talented staff, and boost patient satisfaction score

AR Rescue

Revenue Cycle Management

To expand your practice you have to grow and the only way to grow is to make money. You need to maximize reimbursement, reduce costs, maximize efficiency and stay current with insurance policy changes. With the decrease in fee schedules and increase in claim denials and red tape, insurance carriers are making it more difficult for providers to get paid. If you are like most practices, you are spending more time fighting for less money. AR RESCUE has a dedicated team of experienced professionals that keep up with the most current technology, billing trends, and insurance updates and policies. With experience in most specialties and most software platforms, AR RESCUE never requires the practice and provider to change software systems. They handle all aspects of the revenue cycle management process. They serve clients nationally and are familiar with the differences in billing requirements and regulations across multiple states.


Electronic Data Exchange

Etactics, Inc. was established in June of 1999. The company was formed to provide Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services to healthcare clients. Today, Etactics provides cost-effective services that enhance the accuracy and delivery of time-sensitive documents, especially invoices. Etactics’s services directly influence their clients’ cash flow. Their products and services assist their clients across various business sectors to improve business processes, boost staff productivity, reduce expenses, and accelerate payment.


Appointment Scheduling

Their native-English-speaking staff has deep experience with call campaigns and is extremely effective.  Their appointment scheduling rate of 20% to 65% means better customer service and significant revenue increase for you.

DRS Services USA, Inc. (DRS) is a leading provider of appointment-scheduling services. Privately owned in Arizona and operated entirely in the United States, they have been helping organizations in a variety of industries increase their revenues since 2006.
DRS offers a wide range of services, including the following:

  • Customer Service
  • Scheduling Services
  • Customer Survey Services
  • Appointment Setting


Implementation and Analytics

DHx is a software development firm with expertise in implementation and analytics. They are focused on providing the tools and software their customers need to meet their business goals.

DHx was formed in July of 2014 after their core team worked together on a consulting project. They realized that traditional technology firms are often run by people who understand technology, but have no background in business. This puts them at a disadvantage when working with other businesses. Their team of experts provides a refreshing approach that solves technology problems in a way that works for the business.


Healthcare Service Solutions

NxtGenMed’s goal is to change the healthcare process to better support doctors and their staff, allowing them to focus on what is most important–patient care. To move their mission forward, they have developed a three-part strategy that is carefully designed for their customers. NGM brings together the most innovative medical companies as partners that provide patient care, streamlining of services, and financial sensibility, so that physicians are better able to focus on patient health.

Zen Medical

Revenue Cycle Management

Zen Medical Services believes that patient care should be the primary focus for their providers. The financial prosperity of any office depends on how strong their back-office processes are. Zen takes pride in providing the billing service, which allows for maximum reimbursement for the patient care provided. No money is left uncollected.