Patient Quality of Care

As electronic records have taken over the practice of medicine in the office and in the hospital, the amount of time spent on documentation has increased exponentially. The end result? Less time on patient care. Who suffers? The patients. Who ultimately burns out? The providers.

There has to be a better way.

In comes HybridChart to the rescue. With your practice organized and efficient, the ability to spend time on patient care becomes a reality. Time-consuming tasks that used to intrude upon the precious patient care experience, are now reduced significantly. How is this possible? Well, in addition to being a charge capture and workflow management tool, HybridChart is an effective hand-off tool. Helpful information stored in HybridChart allows teammates to care for patients during transitions when medical inefficiencies are at their peak – after hours and during weekend coverage. Using HybridChart to facilitate these transitional periods can help improve overall quality of care and reduce the burden on providers.

Precious data is being constantly collected. This, along with the discharge management feature, dramatically help with patient follow up, bridging the gap between inpatient and outpatient worlds. Identifying high-risk patients early-on during their hospitalization can ultimately reduce hospital readmissions. 

Healthcare needs solutions that mirror the real workflow, taking tasks off of providers’ plates, giving them more time to spend on medical decision-making and nurturing the doctor-patient relationship. Using HybridChart makes your practice more proactive and streamlined. The result? Everyone wins.

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