software for Patient Schedulers

Patient Schedulers

There is a huge disconnection between the in-patient and out-patient worlds. Patients coming out of the hospital are not visible to the teams of schedulers in the office who are expected to arrange follow-up. Furthermore, the responsibility for seeing providers after leaving the hospital has traditionally fallen upon the patient. Patients can be overwhelmed with the amount of information given to them upon discharge, and expecting them to ensure their much-needed follow-up care is often unrealistic.

HybridChart EVOLVE gives office schedulers clear visibility of the entire active census across multiple facilities. Discharge orders can be relayed to schedulers at any time – during the hospitalization or upon discharge. Patients requiring close follow-up are given top priority and office staff is alerted to these time-sensitive instructions in a helpful dashboard. Providers can leave comments and specify the details of the follow-up needed. Schedulers waste so much time on the phone reacting to patients requests. Take a proactive approach. Perform real-time smart scheduling as patients are discharged. Patient satisfaction and quality of care are sure to sky-rocket.