Offer the HybridChart rounding and workflow solution as part of your existing product suite.

Your clients expect you to deliver a relevant and robust product offering that not only fills a need, but makes the provider better and more efficient in their daily practice.

HybridChart works with resellers like you to provide one of three options for our EVOLVE rounding and workflow product:

HybridChart Authorized Reseller
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HybridChart Branded

The HybridChart name stands for quality and has provided rounding physicians with a way to manage their efforts in a more economic and efficient manner for years. If you are an independent healthcare consultant or software sales agent, or if your product suite is a collection of products from different manufacturers and developers, reselling HybridChart as is may be the right option for you.

Private Label Branded

As a reseller, if you package your product offerings under your own banner, but allow the product names to stand for themselves, then a private label option may be the way to go. We will assist you with the branding, to either sell the HybridChart rounding and workflow solution software branded as is in concert with your brand, or as a sub-set, i.e. “powered by HybridChart.”


White Label Branded

When it comes to branding, HybridChart understands that in certain situations, your brand and reputation are paramount. As a result, HybridChart can work with you to package our product offering as your own.

If you are a reseller and understand how the HybridChart solution can give you a competitive edge by offering it as part of your overall product suite, contact us today by calling us at 877.977.5544, or by completing the form below so we can learn more about your needs and determine which branded flavor of HybridChart is right for you.

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