Data for population health management, and to meet quality of care measures is an absolute must. How can we expect doctors, who are already stretched for time, to actively collect data? The truth is they can’t. HybridChart’s smart automation features give you the power to collect data in real time based upon doctors’ behaviors. HybridChart Pathways allow you to choose what data is monitored, and define specific rules for collection. Then sit back and watch as meaningful and timely information is collected automatically, without interrupting the workflow of the doctors and other providers. This sophisticated tool can be easily configured in minutes, without the need to involve developers or custom coding. Our intuitive product will guide you through the steps needed to set up and maintain your Pathways like a pro. Get all the data you need to have a competitive advantage without creating more work for your busy doctors.

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Pathways are automated triggers and actions that can be built and activated by the Practice administration. They allow for the automatic gathering of data points, auto-generated messages, and more. Here are some of the ways our clients use Pathways to create efficiencies and help provide the best care for their patients: One group uses heart failure diagnoses to automatically notify the heart failure clinic of that patient. This ensures prompt and appropriate follow up when that patient leaves the hospital. Another group uses Pathways to immediately email their scheduling lead when a patient needs hospital follow up in 0-3 days so that the follow up is managed immediately. Still another group uses Pathways to be immediately alerted when certain procedures are done in the hospital so they may start working on the complex billing processes right away, thus reducing days in AR.

Active Census Placement

Developers at HybridChart are always looking for ways to improve efficiency for our clients. Active Census Placement (ACP) is a powerful automation feature which places patients on your census automatically as they are admitted to the hospital.

Once HybridChart has connected to your hospital, our turnkey solution for an ADT (admit-discharge-transfer) feed kicks into action. Hospitalized patients are not only instantly searchable, but our cutting-edge solution will automatically add patients to your census list if your name is associated with the patient in the hospital EHR. All of the important patient information including date of birth, MRN – even floor and room number – appear instantly. That’s right, no more typing.

What happens if patients move rooms? Glad you asked. HybridChart’s ACP solution will update the patient location for you instantly. And when patients are discharged, ACP will mark that patient for discharge in real time, so you have complete visibility. Your workflow just became even easier. ACP gives you all of the benefits of  collaboration and charge capture efficiencies of the HybridChart solution, without the hassle of manual data entry.

Hospital ADT Feeds

Receiving a live Admit-Discharge-Transfer feed from your hospital is the most effective way to get patients on your list. Choosing from a searchable list of currently admitted patients is available in real time, as the patients get registered at the hospital. Utilizing our Active Census Placement feature will have patients added automatically to your HybridChart census, which eliminates almost all data entry requirements for physicians and staff. Our turnkey interface allows us to connect to your hospital in mere days. Experience the mind-blowing power of HybridChart armed with a hospital ADT feed.

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