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Since HybridChart was designed by a doctor, it is inherently intuitive to providers. We understand your workflow and the demands of your day. We also understand you need more time in your already cramped schedule.

Using HybridChart will give you an HOUR or more back EVERY SINGLE DAY. What would you do with an extra hour in your day? And, regardless of your comfort with technology, we’ve made our app so easy to learn and navigate—you can train in as little as 20-30 minutes and use it the very same day.

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If your providers are still using paper, your practice is losing money.

Our team has sat in your seat and we understand you want to provide the best resources and tools for your providers—and protect them from things that slow them down or waste their time. HybridChart connects your ENTIRE team. Our comprehensive rounding solution will connect your nurses, billers, coders, schedulers, and entire team with your providers. You can monitor in REAL TIME the work being done and the charges being submitted with the peace of mind that no charges will ever be missed again. Increase Revenue, lower days in AR, and begin new revenue streams. In today’s healthcare environment, you cannot afford missing charges.

Patient Schedulers

There is a huge disconnection between the in-patient and out-patient worlds. Patients coming out of the hospital are not visible to the teams of schedulers in the office who are expected to arrange follow-up. Furthermore, the responsibility for seeing providers after leaving the hospital has traditionally fallen upon the patient. Patients can be overwhelmed with the amount of information given to them upon discharge, and expecting them to ensure their much-needed follow-up care is often unrealistic.

HybridChart EVOLVE gives office schedulers clear visibility of the entire active census across multiple facilities. Discharge orders can be relayed to schedulers at any time – during the hospitalization or upon discharge. Patients requiring close follow-up are given top priority and office staff is alerted to these time-sensitive instructions in a helpful dashboard. Providers can leave comments and specify the details of the follow-up needed. Schedulers waste so much time on the phone reacting to patients requests. Take a proactive approach. Perform real-time smart scheduling as patients are discharged. Patient satisfaction and quality of care are sure to sky-rocket.

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