Developers at HybridChart are always looking for ways to improve efficiency for our clients. Introducing Active Census Placement (ACP), a powerful automation feature used by HybridChart to place patients on your census automatically as they are admitted to the hospital.

Once HybridChart has connected to your hospital and installed our turnkey solution for an ADT (admit-discharge-transfer) feed, hospitalized patients are now instantly searchable. Better yet, with our cutting-edge ACP solution, patients associated with your name are automatically added to your census list. Patient information including date of birth, MRN – even floor and room number – appear instantly. That’s right, no more typing.

What happens if patients move rooms? Glad you asked. HybridChart’s ACP solution will update the patient location for you instantly. And when patients are discharged, ACP will mark that patient for discharge in real time, so you have complete visibility. Your workflow just became super easy. Benefit from all of the collaboration and charge capture efficiencies of the HybridChart solution without the hassle of manual data entry.

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