“HybridChart has consistently helped our doctors and billing staff stay on task. We have seen around a 10% increase in revenue since using the product.”

-TJ Boyd

“Our main struggle before HybridChart was keeping track of our productivity. Capturing every single diagnosis in every single hospital visit”

-Omar Gonzalez M.D.

“We’ve been using HybridChart for over 5 years. HybridChart has helped us keep a tight lid on rounding charges. On more than one occasion HybridChart has kept us from missing charges that would have resulted in thousands of dollars in lost revenue. I absolutely could not imagine doing Hospital Rounding without HybridChart. HybridCHart also makes the backend billing much easier for my billing staff.”

-Kenneth A. Ashton M.D.

“In the first month of implementing HybridChart, we recovered significant revenue we didn’t realize we were missing. Each month going forward, we have continued to capture additional revenue with this innovative software. For Cardiac Solutions, HybridChart is not just a financial tool, it assists our providers to decrease the total cost of care for Cardiology patients through protocols which direct population health management in the ambulatory setting.”

– Cardiac Solutions

“We love HybridChart and the great openness you have to formulating a product that truly works for your customers! Thanks for your time and effort!”

-Jennifer Massey, Director of Clinical Operations, Montgomery Cardiovascular Associates

“HybridChart’s discharge planning tool provides the assurance we never allow a patient to fall through the cracks. Once a provider discharges a patient on the app, the patient is flagged and our scheduler can arrange a follow-up appointment—most times before the patient even leaves the hospital! Thank you HybridChart for helping us take exceptional care of our patients.”

– Vicki Farmer, AZ Pulmonary Specialists