HybridChart Solves Lost Revenue

Our mobile rounding app allows physicians to ditch the paper and automate charges directly at the point of care, streamlining workflows and ensuring accurate, real-time billing.

Struggling With Lost Revenue?

You are leaving money on the table due to lost charges. The complexity of healthcare billing can lead to lost revenue, impacting your practice’s financial health. HybridChart’s mobile charge capture solution empowers physicians to reclaim that lost revenue, boosting their bottom line by an average of 8-10%.

Traditional paper-based charge capture is riddled with inefficiencies. Charges get overlooked, documentation gets delayed, and the time lag between service and billing creates a gap in revenue capture. HybridChart eliminates these roadblocks with a user-friendly mobile app that integrates seamlessly into your existing workflow. Physicians can capture charges directly at the point of care, ensuring accuracy and eliminating the delays associated with paper forms. This real-time capture translates to faster billing cycles, improved cash flow, and ultimately, a significant boost to your practice’s revenue.

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What Our Customers Say

You have very quickly become integral to the daily workflow, even fabric, of our operations.

We switched to HybridChart last year and couldn’t be happier. They are very receptive to working with us on developing new workflows aimed at improving efficiencies and have even modified their platform to accommodate our needs. When it comes to customer service, they outperform ALL of the companies we work with, hands down. They have […]

HybridChart changed our world. We are now organized and productive. You have been very responsive to our needs and helped us create custom workflows for our busy surgeons.

We love HybridChart and the great openness you have in formulating a product that truly works for your customers. The customizations you have provided for our specialists have greatly enhanced our patient care. And, HybridChart is very intuitive and user friendly – the training is fast and easy, and the app can be used the […]

HybridChart’s discharge planning tool provides assurance. We never allow a patient to fall through the cracks. Once a provider discharges a patient on the app, the patient is flagged, and our scheduler can arrange a follow-up appointment—most times before the patient even leaves the hospital!

We have been using HybridChart for years and this app has kept a tight lid on our rounding charges. We now have seamless handoffs, census lists that have greatly improved our workflow, and patient follow up appointments are made before our patients even leave the hospital.

Our main struggle before HybridChart was keeping track of our productivity. Now we capture every single charge for every single hospital visit.


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