“Does Technology Help or Hurt Physician Burnout?” Featured on Health:Further Blog

HybridChart was recently featured on Health:Further discussing physician burnout and how technology plays role in that. Written by our very own Dr. Sanders, this blog post highlights how the burden of stress and obligations can lead to physicians feeling worn … Continue Reading


We Understand Physicians

According to a research commissioned by the AAMC, the United States will face a shortage of more than 120,000 physicians by the year 2030. Additionally, this shortage will be strained by an ever-growing aging population that will impede accessibility to … Continue Reading

Revenue Cycle Managers: Are you Looking for a Tool to Significantly Reduce Your Client’s Days in AR?

According to the ONC, 96% of hospitals are now reporting certified EHR use.  Most clinicians, especially physicians, seem to be less than thrilled with the technology.  Why? Because, most medical technology isn’t created by developers with a medical background or experience.  The end product?  … Continue Reading

exclusive interview

An Exclusive Interview with Gregory Sanders, MD FACC

Gregory P. Sanders, MD FACC, is a Harvard-trained, practicing, board-certified cardiologist. He works with a private practice in Arizona and during work he noticed huge gaps in the rounding process. Seeing an opportunity, he created a software program (that’s right … Continue Reading

hybridchart evolve

Announcing HybridChart EVOLVE

As healthcare changes, it’s vital for providers to change, or rather ‘evolve’, with it. New technologies are constantly introduced into the marketplace, some benefiting users and companies alike – while others create new problems in themselves. HybridChart is a company … Continue Reading


Stuck on Autopilot?

Do you ever drive somewhere completely on autopilot? You get in the car to drive home from work, and the next thing you know, you’re home without thinking about it? This happens to me a lot. Between the rhythms of … Continue Reading


Winning the Masters

Golf enthusiasts got an electrifying finish to one of the greatest tournaments in the world on Sunday. Were you watching the Masters?  Rory couldn’t catch him.  Jordan did everything humanly possible shooting a stunning 9 under—nearly breaking a course record … Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning: 5 Ideas to Clean Up Your Space and Processes

Strategies to Improve Provider Engagement


What Has Happened to Phone and Email Etiquette?

What in the world has happened to the basic, professional etiquette of returning a phone call or email?  Are you with me?! The average number of emails sent and received in one day is approximately 140.  We are overwhelmed and … Continue Reading