independent contractor vs employee pros and cons

Why Physicians in America are AT RISK FOR GOING BROKE

According to data drawn from the AMA’s Physician Practice Benchmark Surveys, 47.1 percent of physicians are practice owners. The same percentage of physicians are employed, while 5.9 percent are independent contractors. (May 31, 2017) Employed versus independent physician…the pendulum continues … Continue Reading

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What to Look for When Choosing Care Coordination Software

  There’s no shortage of care management software vendors out there, each emphasizing different strengths. We’ve come across a lot of articles about what software features to avoid, but relatively few about what should be part of the package. Here … Continue Reading

What Benefits Does HIPAA Provide to Patients, Doctors, and the Healthcare Industry

What Benefits Does HIPAA Provide to Patients, Doctors, and the Healthcare Industry?

From the start, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, better known by its acronym HIPAA, has focused on patients while requiring the healthcare industry to take steps to better serve them. Enacted in 1997, HIPAA’s first major order was … Continue Reading

Benefits of Electronic Medical Records

Hospital Rounding with Mobile Charge Capture

Over the past few decades, healthcare has changed drastically as to how we as physicians deliver care to our patients. Technology, including the digitization of medical records, patient portals, and telemedicine has transformed medicine – in both positive and negative … Continue Reading

what is charge capture in healthcare

Get Paid for the Work You Do

The simple truth is, you are missing charges.   What is charge capture in healthcare? Charge capture in healthcare describes the various processes used by healthcare providers to collect the money that is owed to them for the services that … Continue Reading

importance of data collection in healthcare

Data Collection of Healthcare Information Provides Critical Information at the Click of a Mouse

The importance of data collection in healthcare is vital to the success of both systems and individuals. If you are curious to know why the use of information systems in healthcare is of great significance, first you have to understand … Continue Reading

“Does Technology Help or Hurt Physician Burnout?” Featured on Health:Further Blog

HybridChart was recently featured on Health:Further discussing physician burnout and how technology plays role in that. Written by our very own Dr. Sanders, this blog post highlights how the burden of stress and obligations can lead to physicians feeling worn … Continue Reading


We Understand Physicians

According to a research commissioned by the AAMC, the United States will face a shortage of more than 120,000 physicians by the year 2030. Additionally, this shortage will be strained by an ever-growing aging population that will impede accessibility to … Continue Reading

Revenue Cycle Managers: Are you Looking for a Tool to Significantly Reduce Your Client’s Days in AR?

According to the ONC, 96% of hospitals are now reporting certified EHR use.  Most clinicians, especially physicians, seem to be less than thrilled with the technology.  Why? Because, most medical technology isn’t created by developers with a medical background or experience.  The end product?  … Continue Reading

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An Exclusive Interview with Gregory Sanders, MD FACC

Gregory P. Sanders, MD FACC, is a Harvard-trained, practicing, board-certified cardiologist. He works with a private practice in Arizona and during work he noticed huge gaps in the rounding process. Seeing an opportunity, he created a software program (that’s right … Continue Reading