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March 2018

Workflow Optimization

By |2018-11-06T09:59:50-07:00March 9th, 2018|Practice Improvement, Time Management|

Workflow solutions are becoming increasingly popular and utilized more in Healthcare. What isn’t as clear is what workflow optimization really means to a practice's bottom line. Among others, good solutions can cut overhead, eliminate errors and redundant work (improving staff efficiency), and ultimately help provide better patient care. In the average medical practice, the workflow [...]

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But, That’s Not My Job!

By |2018-04-12T15:04:43-07:00March 7th, 2018|Time Management|

Ask any manager what his or her pet peeves are, and the odds are very good that hearing the phrase “That’s not my job!” will land solidly in the Top 5. As an employee, and presumably, someone who wants to get ahead, it’s a phrase that should never come out of your mouth. If your [...]

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January 2018

Work Smarter, Not Harder With These 4 Time Management Tips

By |2018-08-28T04:50:54-07:00January 9th, 2018|Practice Improvement, Time Management|

A healthcare professional’s day is a busy one.  If you waste just one hour a day, in ten years you will have lost 3,650 hours or 152 days of your life.  Every single hour is important. Time management in healthcare is a survival skill.  In order to survive and thrive, you need to effectively manage [...]

How to Stay Focused on Insanely Busy Days

By |2018-08-28T05:02:10-07:00January 9th, 2018|Practice Improvement, Time Management|

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the seemingly endless responsibilities of your job in the healthcare industry. To prevent burnout, it’s important to be prepared when you feel your day is beginning to get beyond overwhelming. […]

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