Interoperability and medicine are not always used in the same sentence. We at HybridChart value the need for medical applications to communicate effectively with each other in order to enhance the user experience and improve overall workflow. For this reason, we have devoted much of our time to connectivity projects to ensure that HybridChart was not living in a vacuum.

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Electronic Medical Records

HybridChart will connect seamlessly with many practice-based EMRs in order to assist in patient selection and charge capture. Access to clinical information, such as medications, allergies, problem lists, and appointments is available for some of our interoperability solutions. The ability to find the correct patient quickly is a critical time-saver. Patient information populates immediately, and more importantly, charges will ultimately flow back into the correct account. Charges generated by doctors can flow automatically into the EMR or Practice Management system. This avoids tedious manual data entry and also cuts down on potential errors. Some practices choose to have charges collect in our Tickets system, where these charges can be scrubbed and then pushed automatically into the EMR. Whichever workflow your practice chooses, HybridChart will adapt to. These real-time connections to your electronic environment will strongly enhance efficiency and the user experience.

Hospital ADT Feeds

Receiving a live Admit-Discharge-Transfer feed from your hospital is the most effective way to get patients on your list. Choosing from a searchable list of currently admitted patients is available in real time, as the patients get registered at the hospital. Utilizing our Active Census Placement feature will have patients added automatically to your HybridChart census, which eliminates almost all data entry requirements for physicians and staff. Our turnkey interface allows us to connect to your hospital in mere days. Experience the mind-blowing power of HybridChart armed with a hospital ADT feed.

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