It’s a common issue.  Every year, practices lose millions of dollars when patient care is not billed the right way.  Hospital rounding can be complex, challenging, frustrating and ultimately inefficient. With the risk of missed charges and communication breakdown, not having an effective mobile charge capture in place can bring on a barrage of damage including lost charges, payment delays, data entry errors and inaccurate billing information.

Until now. 

With a tool like HybridChart you have the ability to streamline the entire hospital rounding charge capture process with a few simple clicks on your mobile device.  Our mobile charge capture is a powerful, cloud-based tool offering customizable:

  • Diagnoses
  • Charge capture
  • Robust census management with easy access to one main list of patients
  • Secure messaging
  • Charges visible to your billing staff in real-time
  • Discharge planning for follow up appointments
  • Integration with your EHR and billing software
  • Quality metrics
  • Instant health record access

Discover how HybridChart can increase revenue for your practice.


Boost Your Bottom Line With an Effective Mobile Charge Capture

Utilizing a mobile charge capture allows you to take control of your rounding to improve efficiency, patient care, increase revenue and lower billing costs.  Sit back and imagine a world with:

  • Increased revenue
  • No more lost or missed charges
  • More time for you
  • Reduced time spent trying to figure our paperwork or answering questions from the billing department
  • A super short billing cycle
  • Improved charge accuracy
  • Improved patient compliance

It may seem like a dream when in fact it could become your reality with HybridChart. We believe no physician should be without an amazing mobile charge capture.  Now you can spend more time doing what you do best using an effective mobile charge capture to simplify your job.

If you feel that your current charge capture system is inefficient and ineffective in completely capturing all potential revenue for your practice, HybridChart is the solution for you.

We continuously improve the healthcare process to achieve operational excellence, expedite the revenue cycle and generate smart data.

Learn how to streamline your practice and reclaim what’s most important to you:  your time. Download Your Guide to a Streamlined Practice and Happy Team today! 



Dr. Gregory Sanders is a Harvard-trained, practicing cardiologist and founder and CEO of HybridChart. He has been coding since the 1980s and has spent his medical career focusing on improving processes. His patient care skills earned him recognition as one of Phoenix Magazine’s TOP DOCs. He lives in Scottsdale with his family.