Our newest and most powerful version is called HybridChart EVOLVE. Take control of your entire workflow using a user-friendly solution created by a physician. Medical software too often fails to address the specific needs of providers. Rounding at one or more hospitals presents a unique challenge. There is the need for effective team collaboration and easy charge capture. Census Management means true collaboration among provider and staff. Rounding at multiple facilities just got way easier. Covering on-call now has the luxury of essential information for clean hand-offs. Charge Capture takes less than 5 seconds. Diagnoses are easy to find and follow the patient. Customized charge menus make it easy to enter the correct charge. Don’t let billing for your work slow you down. Charge in real-time and focus on caring for the patient.

But that is just the beginning. EVOLVE takes it to the next level.


“Patient-centric” secure messaging means that every patient gets their own secure chat-room. It is now easy to communicate, and all of this collaboration sits in the patient chart. Not sure if messages are being read? Our intuitive Messaging Dashboard gives you a global view of all messages and their status.

Discharge Management is built into the core of EVOLVE. Imagine arranging follow-up care from the bedside. In just seconds the schedulers in the office have full visibility of discharge orders. The typical disconnect between inpatient and outpatient worlds is seamlessly bridged. Patients requiring close follow up take high priority. Your schedulers will wonder how they ever lived without proactive discharge management.

Forms and Data give you the power to create your own data collection forms. You decide what you want to collect and the rules on how it is collected. Using our Pathways feature, provider behavior is monitored and linked to rule-based actions.

Mobile or Desktop, EVOLVE will change the way you practice, and the streamline your office process. The right change is not scary. Solutions which really work are not a chore. Experience the future of modern medical practice. Experience EVOLVE.

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