The problem with stand-alone Secure Messaging products is that they are not in the context of the patient, and so you cannot pool together all of the messages corresponding to a given patient. With HybridChart, all messages are placed in the patient’s chart so that you can view the entire thread of conversations about that particular patient.

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Protecting patient privacy information is not an option – it is a necessity.  HybridChart provides a secure messaging platform so you can communicate freely and privately. We take HIPAA Compliance very seriously and this is why we have incorporated secure messaging into the workflow. Texting, emails and even pagers ARE NOT compliant with current regulations. Make sure you are doing your part to protect your patients.

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  • HIPAA compliant, HITRUST certified tool with end-to-end encryption.
  • Allows for secure messaging for the entire practice, including support staff.
  • Messages may be sent to multiple users.
  • Messages may be sent about patients or not about patients.
  • Messages about patients are available for anyone on the team to reference later.
  • Messages may be designated with a status of Routing, Urgent, or STAT.
  • Multiple, user-specific options for notification of secure messages, including push notifications on mobile devices, text alerts, and email alerts.
  • Messaging dashboard allows users to see if a message was read or not.

Push it to Me

Using push notifications on the mobile app, providers can be easily alerted about new admissions, updates, and communication from anyone in your practice about that patient. No need for your staff to open different software products just to send you a message. In addition, to push notifications you can opt to receive a text or email – which contains just enough information about the nature of the message.

Did They Read It?

Our Messaging Dashboard gives you complete visibility about message delivery and whether they were read. Easily resend a reminder to read the message. And since messages can be sent as Routine, Urgent or STAT the recipient understands the urgency of the message.

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