Meet EVOLVE, HybridChart’s 4th Generation Platform – our newest and most powerful version yet. No rounding and workflow solution has ever been easier to use. Developed by Physicians for Physicians, HybridChart’s EVOLVE platform lets you take control of your entire workflow through our user-friendly and intuitive solution.
See below for more information on EVOLVE’S Product Features and Smart Tools & Automation:


HybridChart’s EVOLVE rounding and workflow solution is a feature-packed desktop and mobile app that allows Doctors to focus on the Patients at the point of care. HybridChart eliminates the need for paper, reduces billing cycles and saves time by combining the features below into one, intuitive and easy solution.

Census Management

collaborate with your team

iPhone screenshot for Census Management
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Charge Capture

never miss a charge again

iPhone screenshot for Charge Capture
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Secure Messaging

communicate with ease

iPhone screenshot for Secure Messaging
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Discharge Planning

from hospital to office

iPhone screenshot for Discharge Planning
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Behind our features are a series of smart automation tools that enable connectivity, which not only allow the features to work together, but integrate seamlessly into your Practice’s already existing ecosystem.

Data & Reporting

Our automated data collection feature gives you the flexibility to easily capture clinical and non-clinical customized information. View a wide variety of critical data with the option to print or download as a spreadsheet. Run reports in real time to guide your practice.

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Pathways are automated triggers and actions that can be built and activated by the Practice administration. They allow for the automatic gathering of data points, auto-generated messages, and other essential connective elements to gain you efficiencies.

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Active Census Placement

Developers at HybridChart are always looking for ways to improve efficiency for our clients. Introducing Active Census Placement (ACP), a powerful automation feature used to place patients on your census automatically. No need to manually add patients.

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ADT Feeds

Receiving a live Admit-Discharge-Transfer feed from your hospital is the most effective way to get patients on your list. Choosing from a searchable list of currently admitted patients is available in real time, as the patients get registered at the hospital. Patient locations update automatically as well.

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