Keys to Patient Centered Care with HybridChart

In the complex and ever evolving world of healthcare, the process of discharge planning plays a pivotal role in a patient centered care. Understanding Discharge Planning Discharge planning is a systematic process that aims to improve the coordination of services after discharge from hospital by considering the patient’s needs in the community. It seeks to […]

Efficient Hospital Rounding with HybridChart

A critical need of any doctor or surgeon who conducts hospital rounding is Census Management. Having an understanding of this, and visibility, is a key to a more efficient rounding experience. Understanding Census Management Census management is the process by which doctors, advanced practice providers, and their support staff keep track of which patients are […]

Census Management for Doctors Rounding at Hospitals

The Need for Census Management in Healthcare The inpatient census is notoriously volatile in most hospitals. Spikes in the census cause significant difficulties in capacity management, staffing, and patient placement. Accurately managing patient census can be vital for daily rounding management. Why Doctors Who Round at Hospitals Need to Understand Census Management For doctors who […]

The Process of Charge Capture for a Doctor Who Rounds at a Hospital

Charge capture refers to the process of collecting and submitting information about patient encounters for reimbursement from insurance companies. When a doctor sees a patient, each service provided, from examinations to procedures, generates a charge. These charges are then captured, coded, and submitted to the patient’s insurance for payment. The Importance of Charge Capture Effective […]

Mobile Charge Capture vs. Traditional Facesheets

Traditional methods of charge capture and its relation to medical billing are being replaced by more efficient, digital solutions. Here, we will explore the benefits of digitized, mobile charge capture tools like HybridChart that sync in real time in the cloud, and how it compares to the traditional facesheets used by medical specialists, doctors, and […]

Why Medical Billers Prefer Mobile Charge Capture

In healthcare, charge capture and its relation to billing is a critical process that directly impacts the financial health of medical practices. This is where HybridChart’s mobile charge capture comes into play, revolutionizing the way medical billers work. The Challenge with Traditional Billing Traditional billing methods often involve manual data entry, paper-based records, and time-consuming […]

Secure Messaging While Rounding

For doctors on the go, particularly those rounding at hospitals, efficient and secure messaging is paramount. But in the age of HIPAA regulations, the convenience of a quick text using your iPhone or Android device can get you in trouble. HybridChart’s secure messaging offers a HIPAA-compliant solution, ensuring patient privacy and protecting you from legal […]

Data Insights for Medical Practices

Data insights have become critical needs for the modern medical practices. It’s no longer just about capturing patient information; it’s about harnessing these data insights to improve patient care and optimize workflows. HybridChart is a pioneer in charge capture and workflow optimization, and our flagship product, EVOLVE, comes with data insights as a standard feature. […]

How to Be More Efficient When Rounding at a Hospital

Rounding at a hospital can often feel like a time-consuming process that takes away from providing the best patient care possible. Between juggling patient interactions, reviewing charts, and collaborating with colleagues, precious minutes tick by. The Efficiency Struggle: A Common Foe We’ve all been there: overflowing inboxes, mountains of paperwork, and a seemingly endless list […]

HybridChart and Mingle Health Partner to Enhance Value Based Care for Healthcare

HybridChart, the leading mobile rounding workflow solution for doctors, and Mingle Health, a premier provider of healthcare analytics, announced today a formal partnership to improve Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) performance for healthcare providers. To see our official press release, click here. To learn more about how this partnership can benefit you and your company, […]

Making Hospital Rounding Simple

Happy doctor

Becoming a modern physician requires embracing new technologies and processes to make patient care more efficient and effective. One such technology that has made a huge impact on hospital workflow management is HybridChart. This innovative platform has been designed by physicians, for physicians, and offers a comprehensive solution to the problems that have plagued hospital […]

The Art of Medical Practice: Streamlining Processes and Increasing Revenues

Doctor or physician using calculator

As a medical provider, you work tirelessly to provide care for your patients, juggling the responsibilities of interacting with other healthcare professionals and families, while navigating an ever-growing demand for documentation. One thing is certain, however, you cannot afford to miss out on compensation for the work you have done. Unfortunately, the current processes in […]