Keys to Patient Centered Care with HybridChart

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In the complex and ever evolving world of healthcare, the process of discharge planning plays a pivotal role in a patient centered care.

Understanding Discharge Planning

Discharge planning is a systematic process that aims to improve the coordination of services after discharge from hospital by considering the patient’s needs in the community. It seeks to bridge the gap between hospital and the place to which the patient is discharged, reduce length of stay in hospital, and minimize unplanned readmission to hospital.

The HybridChart Advantage

HybridChart’s discharge planning solution syncs between desktop and mobile app that allows doctors to focus on the patients at the point of care. It eliminates the need for paper, reduces billing cycles, and saves time by combining integrated discharge planning features into one intuitive and easy solution. Doctors at the same practice, across different facilities, and especially their front office staff, have full visibility into each patient within their census.

Overcoming Discharge Planning Challenges

Discharge planning can be complex due to the diversity of healthcare services, coding requirements, and potential for errors. Challenges include changes or discrepancies in medications before and after discharge, inadequate preparation for patient and family related to medications, danger signs, or lifestyle changes, disconnect between clinician information-giving and patient understanding, and discontinuity between inpatient and outpatient providers.

HybridChart addresses these challenges by providing a user-friendly mobile app that allows access to patient information, notes, and history instantly, right at the bedside and always thereafter. It enables doctors to capture notes and record actions directly within the app, eliminating the risk of lost information or forgotten details.

Enhancing Workflow Efficiency

HybridChart goes beyond just discharge planning. It offers streamlined workflows that free doctors from administrative burdens, allowing them to spend more time delivering exceptional care to their patients. It also provides a platform for secure sharing of patient information and collaboration with colleagues in real-time, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

In conclusion, HybridChart is a game-changer for medical specialists looking for an efficient solution for discharge planning. By leveraging HybridChart, doctors and surgeons can transform hospital discharge from a paperwork hassle into a time-saving, patient-centered experience. So, if you’re looking to optimize your practice, it’s time to consider HybridChart, the best solution for discharge planning. Schedule your Demo today to see our solutions for yourself.

Dr. Gregory Sanders is a Harvard-trained, practicing cardiologist and founder and CEO of HybridChart. He has been coding since the 1980s and has spent his medical career focusing on improving processes. His patient care skills earned him recognition as one of Phoenix Magazine’s TOP DOCs. He lives in Scottsdale with his family.

Keys to Patient Centered Care with HybridChart