Everyone needs to wind down after a long stressful day—but who has the time? My day, as an ASU student usually entails a lot of frantic note-taking, as well as some stressful MCAT preparations. When I get home at the end of a long day, I would love to sit down, play a few video games or watch some TV, but the studying and prep work is never-ending. Recently, I’ve found that if I wake up just a few minutes earlier and set a schedule for my day, I’m able to get home 30 minutes earlier. That means an extra 30 minutes for TV and video games!

As a physician, every minute counts and you want and need tools that assist and are helpful in getting your work done. Days when you’re rounding are the longest because there’s no time to slow down. With HybridChart you can save at least thirty minutes in your day. Our census management tool enables you to round on patients at different hospitals and keeps track of everything for you. As new consults come in, you are updated virtually to ensure you do not miss a patient. Billing patients is easy and in real time. Instead of using that extra thirty minutes to drive to your biller to hand in paper charges, charges are sent electronically at bedside and hence, saving yourself that trip.

HybridChart’s low-cost real-time workflow and charge capture solution can add time to your day by automating your front-end charges electronically. HybridChart’s cloud-based software will improve your profitability and patient outcomes based on your unique workflow, including census management, charge capture, secure messaging and discharge management. All of this can be directly managed from your smartphone or tablet. Make it a New Year’s resolution. Get PAID for the work you do!

HybridChart can help you accomplish more time in your day AND

more money in your pocket. Schedule a live demo today.