Attention Hospital Administrators: Are Your Providers Engaged? Whether your hospital employs most of your providers or if they are independent, physician engagement should be at the top of your priority list.

Why is this important? A recent survey by Gallup highlighted the importance of engaged physicians and determined there was a 26% increase in productivity for physicians who were engaged versus disengaged physicians.

What does this mean? And, how do we improve physician engagement? According to AMA, one single engaged physician generates an average of $460,000 in revenue per year. With systems having about a 2-3% operating margin, this revenue cannot be ignored or dismissed.

The United State leads the World in Healthcare spending devoting 18% of the Gross Domestic Product to Healthcare costs. A 26% increase in productivity with each of your providers’ chips away at that cost quite nicely.

Most every facility has specialty rounders—specialists coming into your hospital to provide consultation, treatment, and care for patients requiring expert care.

Some things to focus on in improving engagement are:

  • Build Communication and Trust
  • Practice Transparency
  • Identify Champions
  • Provide Data and Research
  • Provide them with Effective Tools

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VP of Clinical Operations and Client Success HybridChart, Inc.
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Stacey Schaefer is Vice President Clinical Operations for HybridChart. She has spent the last twenty-five years in Healthcare executive leadership, clinic/hospital administration and physician recruiting/relations/retention. She resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.