We asked some of our partners what they thought about using HybridChart… here’s what they had to say.

“Our main struggle before HybridChart was keeping track of our productivity. Now we capture every single charge for every single hospital visit.”

– Omar G., Arizona Infectious Disease


“Because of HybridChart, we now have seamless handoffs, census lists that have improved our workflow, and patient follow up appointments are made before our patients even leave the hospital.”

– Kenneth A., Southwest Heart and Lung


“We have been so impressed with the customer service at HybridChart, and the product is easy to use so our doctors pick it up very quickly.”

– Yocasta O., South Miami Heart Specialsts


“HybridChart helped us save hours of work and recover $30,000 in missed hospital charges in one month’s time.”

– Sean M., Cardiac Solutions


“Our billing department couldn’t be happier. They no longer need to chase our providers for clarification of written charge sheets.” They can see charges and push them in real time.”

– TJ B., Arizona Cardiology Group


“We love HybridChart and their great openness in formulating a product that truly works for their customers!”

– Jennifer M., Montgomery Cardiovascular Associates



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