Is Paperwork Threatening Your Time with a Patient?

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As a physician rounding at multiple hospitals, and twenty-four patients to see on a Saturday, every second counts. Providing the highest quality of care, and spending valuable time with your patients is what drives most physicians. And, the last thing they want to worry about is clerical work at the end of the day. Wasted time handwriting charge sheets and submitting them to your office means missed valuable time with your patient. Additionally, there’s the risk of missing charges due to losing or forgetting to submit them altogether. Imagine how many hours you’ll save in your career by saving an hour a day using HybridChart.

Our software is also an extremely easy-to-use app on your iPhone and Android device to save you valuable time. Within a few seconds and a few taps on the app, you have already sent the correct codes to your biller. In real time, the biller will receive it and charge the patient; AND, there will not be any lost charges or confusion regarding handwritten submitted charges. HybridChart not only helps with billing, but makes rounding easy and less time-consuming. You can send a quick, secure and private message to the incoming physician for an easy patient hand-off. Spending an extra five minutes with a patient isn’t stressful anymore because of the time saved by using HybridChart.

We can help you save at least an hour a day and put more money into your pocket when rounding in the hospital. Schedule a live demo today.

Dr. Gregory Sanders is a Harvard-trained, practicing cardiologist and founder and CEO of HybridChart. He has been coding since the 1980s and has spent his medical career focusing on improving processes. His patient care skills earned him recognition as one of Phoenix Magazine’s TOP DOCs. He lives in Scottsdale with his family.

Is Paperwork Threatening Your Time with a Patient?