Patient hand-offs are a necessary component of current medical care. Accurate communication of information about a patient from one member of the health care team to another is a critical element of patient care and safety; it is also one of the least studied and taught elements of daily patient care. One of the leading causes of medical errors is a breakdown in communication.   In the era of collaborative care, effective clinician-to-clinician communication is important to facilitate continuity of care, eliminate preventable errors, and provide a safe patient environment. 

Providers, if you would rather be golfing but know you need to securely hand-off your patients, HybridChart can get you to your T-TIME much faster.   Learn how we enable EASY & QUICK hand-offs:  

VP of Clinical Operations and Client Success HybridChart, Inc.
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Stacey Schaefer is Vice President Clinical Operations for HybridChart. She has spent the last twenty-five years in Healthcare executive leadership, clinic/hospital administration and physician recruiting/relations/retention. She resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.