While a remote workforce can provide a number of benefits for employers, including reduced costs and increased productivity, it also has inherent challenges, and overcoming them has become a top priority for many employers.


Communication is Key: 4 tips to Effectively Manage a Remote Workforce

  1. Standards for communication, availability, and accessibility should be established during the on-boarding process for every employee so expectations are clear and miscommunication is prevented.
  2. Schedule regular team meetings as well as one-on-one meetings. Team meetings provide employers as well as employees with opportunities to share information, exchange ideas, and discuss objectives, and one-on-one meetings can give employers opportunities to strengthen the bond with their employees. Occasional on-site team meetings provide face-to-face time, which can help remote employees build relationships.
  3. Use collaboration tools such as Slack to unify all team communications in one place, and easily search content.
  4. Implement video conferencing applications like Skype or Zoom, which allow for screen sharing that can be used for feedback and coaching as well as to increase engagement.

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