Patient rounding can be challenging. Multiple hospitals, census lists, patients being moved to different floors/rooms—are your rounding efficiently? Have you ever submitted charges and 2 weeks later, your biller is asking you to clarify your charges? Ummmmm…that was 147 patients ago and you have no idea what you meant when you hand-wrote those charges. Patient hand-offs and spending an hour on the phone detailing where you left off and where you want your partner to follow up on is a grueling process.

HybridChart can solve all of these issues. With our easy-to-use app, you can track where your patients’ rooms are, and charge them immediately after seeing them. To save time, you can mark patients with a specific flag to let your partnered physician know that he/she needs to see certain patients. If there is a question about that specific patient, your partner can send you a message regarding that patient through our secure messaging dashboard. After you visit and charge that patient, you immediately notify any other physicians you’re working with that you’ve seen that patient. Not only have you made your team in the hospital aware of what you’ve done, but you’ve also let your team in the office aware that this patient needs a follow-up visit scheduled. And, with our app, your patients can be scheduled for their next visit before ever leaving the hospital! Streamlining your time while rounding is extremely important to ensure the highest quality of care and to make sure you’ve completed all of the charges. It’s time to round more efficiently.

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