Health Futures—Taking Stock in You with Dr. Greg Sanders

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Host Bob Roth

Last Friday, November 23rd, Dr. Sanders had the opportunity to sit down with Bob Roth and discuss HybridChart and the state of healthcare in America.

Health Futures—Taking Stock in You invites healthcare innovators and leaders to participate in their radio talk show, airing LIVE on Fridays at noon. Bob, the host and managing partner of Cypress Home Care Solutions, has interviewed hundreds of thought leaders, bringing wise and insightful discussions to his audience.

Bob’s mission is to cover the latest news, opportunities, and issues affecting our community in the medical and healthcare space. The show’s emphasis is placed on the aging adult population, which is particularly relevant, as Arizona is a hub to snowbirds from all over the United States. It is anticipated that by 2020, Arizonans aged 60+ will make up one-quarter of the State’s population, which is approximately 2.1 million people. Bob’s innovative approach captures an audience that is both progressive and affluent, covering subjects that will give the radio audience information on living a healthier and happier life.

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***Here are some excerpts from the interview—the 1st in a series of 3 blogs. The entire show can be heard by clicking here.

Greg Sanders:

“I gravitated towards cardiology early on, mostly because it is one of those unique
specialties where you can really make a huge impact on a patient’s life very quickly, so I
like that. Plus, I liked all the science behind it, and I can bring in physics, I can bring in all
sorts of things. I have a large practice and I have been here for 16 years or so. It has
been a very rewarding career for me.


The technology is advancing greatly, as years ago, a lot of the heart surgeries were open-heart surgeries with a big scar in the middle of your chest. Now, those have been replaced with what is called percutaneous operations, where you can actually go in through the leg and put in new valves and do all sorts of things, and you think this is stuff that would only come many, many years from now, and it is all here right now.”

Bob Roth:
“I’d like to learn the origin of HybridChart and how this all emerged and how it came to
be. I mean, you are a cardiologist and you also are an innovator and obviously, you saw
something that might have been broken or needed some perfection, so that was really the
genesis of this, and I would love for you to take our audience through how this evolved.”


Greg Sanders:
“So, I will give you the shorter version because it is only an hour show. A lot of this stems
with my specific experiences—I have a background in computers in development and
eventually this led to database and network development, which started when I was a
kid—like 13 or 14 years old. The short story is my dad brought home an Apple IIe and
he wanted to use it for his business. He played with it for a week—this is back when
there were no software companies—like 1982, and he very quickly threw it on the ground
and kicked it, and then I walked over and said ‘Hey, can I try?’ I taught myself computer
programming, basically.”

Bob Roth:

Greg Sanders:
“It took me a year, but I built my dad an inventory management system and then before
he knew it, I was building all kinds of things.”

Bob Roth:
“How old were you then?”

Greg Sanders:
“14, I think.”

Bob Roth:
“Wow, that’s amazing.”

Greg Sanders:
“And then you know a lot of his suppliers said: ‘Wow, Steve, where’d you get all this?!’
because back then, it was pretty expensive and he said: ‘My son built it for me,’ and they
said: ‘What, can he build it for us?!’ So, before I knew it, I was like 16 and had a software
company.  I then went to med school and I remember I was in my third year and I was
in the OR and holding a retractor like every third-year medical student is supposed to do,
and some nurse walked in and said: ‘We got a guy on the phone saying something is
crashing,’ and at that moment I knew I couldn’t have both, so I sold it off.

I continue to be obsessed with process and I don’t believe that computers can fix every problem—sometimes they make problems worse. But throughout my medical career and through my training, residency, and fellowship, I would always use my computer skills to try to solve some real-world problems. And, while at Harvard with their team, I built the largest echo database in the world, taking old data and converting it to modern data, utilizing a tool to actually search and analyze it.

I moved in 2002 to Phoenix and I joined a private practice of 10 other partners covering
about five hospitals. I started rounding and doing all the things a practicing cardiologist
should do, and I recognized very quickly that things were massively broken, and so I set
out to try to fix it, and that is kind of how HybridChart was born. It was born more as a
solution for me, for my current practice, which ultimately led to ‘Hey, this may be
something other doctors may want to get their hands on,’ and so that kind of
grew organically. In January 2016, I assembled a team, and we have grown greatly over
the past three years and are now in 23 states and growing.”

Bob Roth:
“23 states?”

Greg Sanders:
“Yes, 23 states now.”

Bob Roth:
“I love the fact that you picked up on this as an opportunity to fill a need that you saw in

***(This is the first excerpt in a three-part series of excerpts from the Bob Roth’s Radio Show: Health Futures, Taking Stock in You with Dr. Greg Sanders). You can listen to this and more of Bob’s interviews here.


Bob Roth is the Managing Partner for Cypress Home Care Solutions in Phoenix, Arizona. Visit Cypress at or call 602.264.8009


Dr. Gregory Sanders is a practicing Cardiologist and the CEO/Founder of HybridChart based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Visit HybridChart at

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Dr. Gregory Sanders is a Harvard-trained, practicing cardiologist and founder and CEO of HybridChart. He has been coding since the 1980s and has spent his medical career focusing on improving processes. His patient care skills earned him recognition as one of Phoenix Magazine’s TOP DOCs. He lives in Scottsdale with his family.

Health Futures—Taking Stock in You with Dr. Greg Sanders