HybridChart’s medical data analytics platform is cutting-edge. Our automated data collection feature gives you the flexibility to easily capture clinical and non-clinical customized information. Real-time reporting gives you the power to stay ahead of the ever-changing healthcare landscape.


With Fee-For-Performance on the horizon, you need to be able to capture data – or someone else will do it for you. The Data-Mining section allows you to report on the customized data you collected. With our Flags and Metric tools, you determine which data is important to you – generating smart data. Put the power of data collection in your own hands and don’t let third parties determine your reimbursement.


You have effortlessly collected data and now it is time to report on this data. Luckily, HybridChart makes it easy to perform analytical functions. Use our standard reports, or create custom reports to suit your needs. You can print or download your reports as spreadsheets with the click of a button. What about MACRA / MIPS? Glad you asked. We can submit reports directly to CMS to save you time and money.

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