TOP 5 Reasons for Clinical Practices to GO PAPERLESS in 2019

Going paperless is not just simply adopting an Electronic Medical Record.  This is just the first step, as your practice likely manages a ton of paper in other areas.  Paper truly impedes the overall goal of having an integrated and … Continue Reading

Purposeful Rounding with Automated Charge Capture

Rounding with a purpose.  Interesting,…tell me more. Heavy caseload.  Multiple hospitals.  Sick patients—some, very high risk.  Long hours.  Exhausted.  Missed dinners.  No relief in sight. Fast forward. You adopt a mobile charge capture solution that automatically sends charges to your … Continue Reading

Charge Capture and Modern Rounding Solutions

I remember the days when writing “Agree with above” in the paper chart was enough to satisfy the clinical documentation gods. Those were simpler times. A modern clinical practice has become more complicated – not just with documentation requirements. Demands … Continue Reading

Hospital Charge Capture Best Practices for Doctors

Most specialist doctors spend their days solving complex health problems on a fixed time budget, with limited resources and inefficient tools. Ironically and stunningly, they spend more time at a computer than they do with their patients. Imagine a world … Continue Reading