With advancements in technology and a recognition of patient privacy needs, healthcare providers and practices now have secure electronic options for messaging. To ensure that sensitive patient information is protected, HIPAA laws were established at the federal level. The use of traditional modes of communication, such as texting or faxing, no longer meet privacy standards.

Secure Messaging Options

  1. Secure Silo: This option resembles traditional texting but includes encryption and may have an expiration date for messages. However, it does not address siloed messages between members of a practice, which may not be visible to others.
  2. Patient-Centric Models: This approach offers a secure message board or chat room per patient, allowing everyone from the practice to participate and exchange messages. However, it is limited to patients in the system.
  3. Unite the Whole Practice: Secure messaging that is easy to use opens up lines of communication within a practice, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency. Most solutions also have read receipts with date/time stamps.
  4. Bundle Messages with Important Tasks: Incorporating secure messaging into the workflow itself, such as hospital rounding, improves efficiency. Information can be entered directly into the rounding software, and providers can be automatically alerted.

Choosing the Right Secure Messaging Option

When considering a secure messaging option, choose one that addresses privacy concerns and meets HIPAA standards. A patient-centric version, where the patient context is built-in, offers a better user experience. Look for a solution that integrates with your workflow and improves efficiency.

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Dr. Gregory Sanders is a Harvard-trained, practicing cardiologist and founder and CEO of HybridChart. He has been coding since the 1980s and has spent his medical career focusing on improving processes. His patient care skills earned him recognition as one of Phoenix Magazine’s TOP DOCs. He lives in Scottsdale with his family.