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Why Doctors Need a Mobile Rounding Workflow Solution

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Old habits die hard, especially in healthcare where change can be slow. Despite the widespread use of smartphones and technology, many doctors still rely on paper forms, cards, and phone messages for charge capture. This outdated approach is inefficient, but it’s familiar, making it difficult to break the habit.

The Pain of Change

Redesigning workflows and processes can be challenging, especially when things are working, albeit inefficiently. The fear of failure and the pain of change often prevent doctors from adopting a more modern approach.

Fear of Failure

Breaking the status quo is never easy, especially in the workplace. The fear of failure and the perceived difficulty of getting all parties involved to agree on changes can discourage doctors from making much-needed updates.

Change Starts with You

The resistance to change can come from anyone in the practice, including the doctors, schedulers, billers, and APPs. It’s time to take a step towards positive change, especially since COVID-19 has accelerated the interest in digital transformation. With the right plan and use case, even the most skeptical of doctors can come around.

Implementation and Training

The right hospital rounding and charge capture software can make a huge difference, but it’s essential to find a solution that is easy to implement and doesn’t require extensive training. HybridChart offers a cloud-based solution that adapts to the unique workflow of your practice, improving profitability and patient outcomes.

For a Better Hospital Rounding Experience

At HybridChart, we understand the challenges that come with changing old habits. Our solution connects your healthcare team, streamlines your workflow, and increases efficiency. Our five features: charge capture, census management, secure messaging, discharge planning, and data analytics, make it easier to get paid for the work you do and never miss a charge again. If you’re ready to take your medical practice to the next level, visit our website at or schedule a demo today.

Why Doctors Need a Mobile Rounding Workflow Solution