We Grew Our Practice and Never Added Billing Staff

Scaling and growing your practice is never easy. Usually the right candidates are out there, and there are plenty of opportunities to enter new markets. Taking on more overhead is the downside where most practices pause and reconsider.

A very progressive cardiology group started using HybridChart years ago. They were 14 doctors, and had efficient internal processes. After implementing HybridChart, their rounding and charge capture processes streamlined even further. Over the years they grew to over 25 physicians, opened new offices, and expanded privileges to 12 local hospitals.

Throughout this journey of growth this practice never needed to hire more billing staff.

We can’t take all of the credit. This is a group of smart and organized doctors, staff and administrators who worked hard to refine their processes and keep expenses down. We pride ourselves in being one of the efficiency solutions they used to achieve their goals. We continue to collaborate closely with this practice, which has been instrumental in guiding our development cycles to continuously improve our solution.

Case Study
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We Don’t Need 3 Employees to Manage our Census Anymore

When we rolled out our software solution to these surgeons, there were three full time employees frantically managing the in-patient lists at 14 hospitals. Imagine their relief when they realized that HybridChart took over most of the work. Collaboration suddenly became easy. The cloud-based census lists appeared to manage themselves. Staff were now focused on other duties at this busy practice, making them even more efficient.

We Had Our Biggest Collection Month Ever

Three months after this gastroenterology practice began using HybridChart, we got a call from the managing partner. He informed us that they had just closed their books for the prior month, and that is was the highest collections in their practice history. We asked if they had done anything different. They replied, “everything has been the same…except we are now using HybridChart.”

“Do you think you were missing charges before?” we asked.
“I guess we were. Hmmm,” said the managing partner.

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