If you are a Healthcare Organization or Accountable Care Organization, then you recognize the challenges of obtaining meaningful data and ensuring quality outcomes. Uniting your providers, who are often a mixture of employed and independent, has also been an obstacle. HybridChart gives your organization the power to bring providers together on a common platform, collecting critical information for quality assurance and reporting.

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Health Information Technology

Managing multiple IT systems for a healthcare practice is complex. HybridChart makes it easy for you. Our tool is cloud-based, requiring zero server maintenance for your IT team. HybridChart can interface with hospital system ADT feeds and outpatient EMRs to ensure the timely flow of information.

We’ll train you to manage your site, and configuration is quick and painless. You can make site updates in minutes to keep up with changes being made to Practice workflow. We offer comprehensive online training options and are comfortable working with clients at all technological skill levels. Our Customer Service and Support Teams are the best in the business – you can reach help easily any time you need it, and we are dedicated to resolving problems quickly and with minimal disruption.

Population Health Management

As a society, we have the responsibility to ensure quality and cost-effective care for our people. The healthcare system faces constant challenges to balance cost and care. Proactive efforts to understand subsets of the population based upon disease type helps to streamline care. The result is cost-effective medical care and an improvement in outcomes. Overall this benefits the entire population, who are ultimately footing the bill.

While these noble pursuits for population health management exist, they are stagnated by a relative lack of data, coordination, and participation. HybridChart is a solution which is perfectly poised to help clinicians but to also be an active participant in population health management. The data collected using our Pathways feature is just one example of how HybridChart can be a complementary data source for analytics dedicated to this cause. Charge data, physician behavior, and patient care characteristics can be fed to analytic engines in real time to assist with decision-making and quality measures.

At our core, HybridChart is a connectivity company, committed to providing easy interoperability to other systems. In health IT there is much resistance to connectivity and data sharing. Not here. Our mission is to advocate for better patient care by improving provider efficiency. We also have the opportunity to facilitate data aggregation and sharing, which ultimately helps the patient.

We are definitely a different kind of company. We are a collaboration tool user-friendly to medical professionals. But we are also a customer service company, with a passion for interoperability.

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