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Discharge Management

Closing the gap between the hospital and your office is good for your patients and good for you. Our solution gives you the power to arrange disposition and follow-up at the point of care, which will in return reduce hospital readmissions. Your schedulers at your office now have full visibility of which patients require follow-up visits, and which ones do not. Needed testing and specific clinical pathways can be assigned early on so that patients receive better care.

HybridChart EVOLVE gives office schedulers clear visibility of the entire active census across multiple facilities. Discharge orders can be relayed to schedulers at any time – during the hospitalization or upon discharge. Patients requiring close follow-up are given top priority and office staff is alerted to these time-sensitive instructions in a helpful dashboard. Providers can leave comments and specify the details of the follow-up needed. Schedulers waste so much time on the phone reacting to patients requests. Take a proactive approach. Perform real-time smart scheduling as patients are discharged.

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