Doctors are busy. Let’s face it, asking them to manually collect data is not realistic. HybridChart’s smart automation features give you the power to collect data in real time based upon doctors’ behaviors. Pathways (read below to learn more) give you the ability to create your own rules for data collection. It may be based on diagnoses entered, or even how discharge instructions were entered. The power is in your hands to create and modify automation – and it takes minutes to configure.

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Pathways are automated triggers and actions that can be built and activated by the Practice administration. They allow for the automatic gathering of data points, auto-generated messages, and more. Here are some of the ways our clients use Pathways to create efficiencies and help provide the best care for their patients: One group uses heart failure diagnoses to automatically notify the heart failure clinic of that patient. This ensures prompt and appropriate follow up when that patient leaves the hospital. Another group uses Pathways to immediately email their scheduling lead when a patient needs hospital follow up in 0-3 days so that the follow up is managed immediately. Still another group uses Pathways to be immediately alerted when certain procedures are done in the hospital so they may start working on the complex billing processes right away, thus reducing days in AR.

Internal ACM

Automatic Census Management allows for the automation of some workflows. HybridChart’s Flag system makes it easy for everyone to see that the NP or PA saw the patient or that the patient was intentionally not seen that day. A practice may use our automation tools to add or remove Provider assignments for the next day.

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